Friday, March 05, 2010

Illinois Arts Advocacy for March

Arts Advocacy Materials for March

If you or your theatre has a project that might fit Illinois Humanities Foundation guidelines the next deadlines for grant applications are April 15 and July 15. More information at this link. April 15th is also the deadline for 2011-2012 Illinois Road Scholars. This is a remarkable program and if you have a special area interest that fits their guidelines, you could pick a plum of a grant. They do consider “living history actors” and are looking for material in the next round that deals with Civil Rights or reflections on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing. Check out the application at this link.

Are you in the Western Illinois area? Think about visiting Macomb on Friday, April 9th for a grant application workshop with a representative of the Illinois Humanities Council. For full details on the schedule and registration for this free program click here.

From our great Southwest comes ideas on “Creative Tourism.” Have your considered fully how to integrate your arts program with the interests and needs of visitors to your community? You may not have the artistic ambiance of Santa Fe, but you might still learn something from what the folks out there are doing. See this link.

Are you looking for some new information on the impact of arts on society and the psychology of your audiences. Check out this new book Audiences and the Arts: Communication Perspectives (Lois Foreman-Wernet and Brenda Dervin) from the Hampton Press. It is addressed to cultural policymakers, arts educators, arts administrators, cultural writers, advanced undergraduate and graduate students, art-makers of every kind, supporters of the arts, volunteers, and anyone interested in the role of the arts and culture in society.

The Illinois Governor's Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) has launched, a website that allows Illinois residents to provide feedback that will be used to shape the state's fiscal year 2011 budget. This is the time to put in a plea against more cuts in arts funding.


Anonymous said...

Have you come across the New Zealand Creative Tourism initiative:

DramaJim said...

Haven't seen it but will check it out.Have always wanted to go to New Zealand.