Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces

A bit of theatrical trivia from Darren Dalglish. 

"Agatha Christie's long running thriller The Mousetrap, has extended its booking period and is now selling tickets through to 21 Dec 2013 at the St Martin's Theatre. Directed by David Turner, The Mousetrap's plot is one of the West End's best-kept secrets, and audiences are requested to keep the identity of the killer locked in their hearts. A group of people gathered together in a remote part of the countryside discover there is a murderer in their midst. The question is which one of them is the guilty party. Originally written as a radio play, the world's longest running play has now chalked up over 23 ,000 performances."   

Chris Hayes "Up" this morning was talking about how the current political ties to Wall Street, which essentially ensures that a bailout will occur if you screw things up,  encourages wild speculation and cheating.   Question? Does this in education policy?  The transfer of teacher employment from a seniority driven system to a defined merit driven system puts a premium on meeting short term external requirements that demonstrate that you are doing your job.  Knowing that this drives your advancement and pay,  encourages you to do things that make you look good on the short term requirements in spite of the fact that most good and dedicated teachers feel that the success of teaching may only be measureable in the long term.    We are now beginning to see whole school systems being accused of trying to fix the results in some way in order to look better.   When assessment and control seems inneffective, misplaced or crazy then it becomes easier to justify fudging the system.

Am wrestling with this. 

Will be fun to see how the Republicans will react to Obama's new immigration policies.  
Romney is characterized as principled by his base for finally seeing the light and reversing his positions on abortion and medical insurance.   Willl Obama be seen as principled for doing the "right thing" in order to secure more support from his base?   I would be willing to bet not.

Sauce for the goose is apparently not sauce for the gander. 

Is the incipient racism of the last three main examples of rude interruptions of the first Aftrican American  pesident by far right figures not to be discussed?     Liar by a far right congressman,  finger wagging in face by a right wing govenor, and a conservative newsman's interruption of a news conference while the president was still speaking and had not called for questions.        


Susan said...

You are not the only one wrestling with the question of left turns in the educational system. It began with NCLB, producing students who can take tests but can't solve problems or think clearly. Now, with the advent of merit pay for test scores, the two will go hand in hand toward enhancing this sad student outcome.

Susan said...

You are not the only one concerned that the educational system is heading in the wrong direction. It began with NCLB, producing students who can take tests but can't solve problems or think creatively. Now, to reward teaching because of test scores only makes the student outcome worse.