Thursday, April 25, 2013

Warmth in the Midwest Finally--No Change in Washington

We are all looking forward to some real spring this weekend.  I will hope to sow a few seeds in the garden.

Meanwhile we watch our republic suffer through more gun and bomb violence. Our ineffectual, cowardly, incoherent, and self-serving legislators do nothing but babble for the TV cameras once again.  The United States Senate, founded as a deliberative body, refuses to deliberate.  Our congress cannot agree on the time of day without someone denouncing the decision as a Republican or Democratic plot to destroy the country.  Shame on all of them!  And of course shame on us for electing people who refuse to participate in the act of governance itself thus making a mockery of our representative system.   

But the daffodils are blooming and the tulips are not far behind.  The very act of spring brings hope for rebirth and new beginnings in even the coldest ground.     


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