Friday, January 24, 2020

Last Week In the Desert

We had some rain this week. For a while our mountains literally disappeared. Then they came back to life

Out at Sabino Canyon we saw puddles and some interesting reflections
We also saw that more rain and snow in the mountains had an effect on the bridges over Sabino Creek. 
Some inconvenience for tourists and walkers is of course one sign that spring is already underway here,  Everywhere we walked this past week we could see small  signs that moss and ground cover were starting to green up.
In previous years, from my sheltered position in the mid west, I generally thought the desert was a dry and monochromatic place.  Now I rejoice in the various color stages of the prickly pear

or the bright flowers of the Barrel Cactus 

or the splendid march of a line of Saguaros,

Birds are not too evident yet but some are making their presence known.



I mostly try to avoid fiddling with the color of photos though I do often crop an image to help focus its central point of interest.  Below is a color image that I turned into a B&W.  It's my favorite image of the week.

What do you think?

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