Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunday at Sabino

We had a nice three mile ramble this morning in Sabino Canyon and it is true that the hills are coming alive with the color of brittlebush.

Now on to our photo Oscars for today. 

The best of the best starts with a Caliche Globe Mallow intertwined with a Brittlebush.  Makes for a nice color combo.

Runner up in the flower category is this large Mexican Gold Poppy.

Honorable Mentions go to the Mexican Vervain

and some Baby Bonnets laid against the blue sky.

Best Birds award today-- a perky Lesser Gold Finch

and a mocking bird at attention.

 Now on to the Butterfly Category.  We stopped again at the lonely little Pipe Vine and with no one else around I was able to get an in-focus shot of the Pipevine Butterfly caterpillar that munches only on the Pipevine. I'm still hoping for a good photo of the Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly.


I did get a new one though--an Orange Sulphur 

A Runner-up is either an Empress Leilia or a Hackberry Emperor.  Someday may get better at this.

Ugliest animal prize goes to what we think may have been a Western Fence Lizard


Or then again it may have been me trying to hold up my end.


Goodbye.  It's been another fine day in Sabino Canyon.








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