Monday, May 16, 2016

Talk About Irony

Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul and passionate pro-Israel advocate, endorsed Mr. Trump in a Washington Post op-ed article on Friday.
“You may not like Trump’s style or what he says on Twitter, but this country needs strong executive leadership more today than at almost any point in its history,”
Funny isn't it.  All we have heard for several years is screaming about President Obama's capricious and arbitrary use of executive power and now we are being urged to line up for more of the same. 
Could it be that "executive leadership" is only bad if  "if your ox is gored"?   Meanwhile the Congress has a worse unfavorability rating than either of the two major party candidates for president.

It is holding nose time regardless of your party.  Either way it appears we will get pretty much what we deserve.  We bash and bash all of our most cherished institutions and then bash again when the bashers we hire or elect seem not able to fix, or deal, or compromise on anything.



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