Sunday, August 27, 2006

You Are What You Place Around You

Where is the window to your soul? According to a number of psychologists, an examination of what you acquire or what you surround yourself with is a good indication of the central core of your life. The Chigago Tribune this morning has a nice list of questions for you to answer. At the end you can draw some conclusions about me or about yourself if you choose to extend the exercise by answering the same questions.

Here goes.

#1 One thing on your nightstand. Books (and kleenex).

#2 One thing on a wall in your living room. Photos and objects from our travels. (The grandkid's photos are on the mantel not the wall)

#3 One thing from your childhood you have in your house. A hand made aluminum photo stand with a picture of me in my cub scout uniform. It was made as a Cub project and given to my mom on Valentines Day or Mothers Day--not sure which anymore.

#4 Three condiments we would fine in your refrigerator. Fat free salad dressing, various mustards (including a lime wasabi that will roast your sinuses in an instant), and of course ketchup.

#5 Three things we would find in your medicine cabinet. Toothpaste, Aspirin, Safety razor. (Sorry no anacondas or Swiss wrinkle creams.)

#6 Do your dirty dishes go in the sink or the dishwasher? Most get rinsed and put in dishwasher; knives and stuff too mucked up to get clean usually get the soak in sink treatment until the pile gets too high and hand washing must commence.

#7 What is the biggest collection in your home? A tossup between books, old slides old photos, and CD's. If space consumed to house is the critical measure, books win hands down. They are stacked and shelved in almost every room except the bathroom (see question 9).

#8 What music do you listen to at home? Classical 99% of the time whether on CD or public radio.

#9 What reading material would we find in your bathroom? Absolutely none. In a 100 year old house the bathroom is so small that there is little encouragement to spend time there. We just thank god that it's indoors now and there is running water.

#10 What do you hide when guests come to call? We usually close the door of two of the three upstairs bedrooms. They tend to collect the unsorted denitrus of two undisciplined pack rats who are too lazy to carry things to the attic and too sentimental to pitch them.

Now you have the questions and my answers. The Lucy Memorial Psychological Advice Stand is open for business. What does it all mean? You tell me!

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