Saturday, November 04, 2006

Political Odds and Ends for the week

The Rev. Ted says he bought it but didn't use it. Does this sound like "but I didn't inhale" to you?

It appears that we won't hear any more from the house ethics committee on the Foley affair--until well after the election. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Democratic strategist James Carville, when asked about John Kerry's chances for the 2008 presidential nomination, replied "I don't know, but they're sure less than they were last week." Foot in mouth disease knows no party affiliation.

Just finished Bob Woodward's STATE OF DENIAL. If only a quarter of what he describes is true, we still have enough garbage in the government to more than bury the capital dome.

Vote on November 7th!
And throw at least some of the rascals out.

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