Saturday, August 13, 2016

Viking Jarl Farewell and on to Prague

The Captain's Farewell Dinner on the evening of Saturday  June 27, 2015 was a fitting climax to our Viking Cruise.  From appetizers

to soup

to main courses

 and finally dessert

it was just simply one of the most elegant meals we have ever eaten.  All hats off to the chef, the kitchen staff, and our servers. 

Many of our fellow cruisers departed ship at reasonable times next morning, but we and 32 others didn't linger too long in the dining room because we had to have our luggage out at 6:00AM.  This left us just enough time to get a light breakfast before boarding a coach to take us on so called  Prague Extension.  

We left the Viking Jarl in Nuremberg at 7:30 AM on Sunday the 28th.  

The ship's crew would check in a new batch of passengers in the late afternoon and leave that evening for the return journey to Budapest.  

Meanwhile our coach rolled out on a beautifully smooth autobahn for the Czech Republic and Prague.  The bus was limited to 100 km an hour, but cars were shooting by us at much greater speeds.  The  countryside was a study in mellow fertility with bands of crops, pasture, and forest punctuated by small towns and farms.  It could easily have been southern Wisconsin.      

We crossed the border into the Czech Republic after about 2 1/2 hours  and the only noticeable difference was that the road got rougher and the pull offs shorter.  We arrived at a rest stop shortly after we crossed the border.

It could have been on any interstate or freeway in the USA.

Salty snacks in profusion with familiar pictures but strange titles.

We arrived the Prague Marriott around noon and discovered that our rooms were not ready.  This was not a great problem.  Our luggage was quickly stored to be delivered to our rooms later. That left us free to stretch our legs a bit after the four hour bus ride.  So we set out to find some lunch and do a first exploration of the area around the hotel.  

We will see you in the next entry.  

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