Saturday, March 16, 2019

Yume Japanese Garden--Tucson

My wife and I took advantage of a pleasant sunny Saturday to pay a visit to the Yume Japanese Garden in Tucson.  It has a couple of interior galleries and an open air garden that is full of delightful Japanese spaces that just plain invite you to sit and contemplate or to take photos.  Enjoy!
There are Zen gardens
Complete with warnings for the uninitiated .
There are pleasant spaces with tantalizing views into other areas via circular cubby holes. 

One section has a lovely dry stream. My friend Harlow Blum will appreciate this.

Another corner gives onto a traditional koi pond


compete with hungry koi
A quiet nook gives you a chance to refresh

You can then resume your walk to look at some large rocks hauled all the way from the Santa Catalina mountains and now arranged in a henge like ring.

Everywhere you stroll you come across simple but powerful arrangements.



Seated in one little nook you can look through a bamboo screen into another part of the garden.  I really enjoyed this space.


My wife took a liking to some of the artifact exhibits.

Since our long time friends, the Waltershausens, love
Tetsubins (iron Japanese teapots, I had to take a shot of these two just for them.


Thanks for taking a trip through the Yume Japanese Garden at
2130 N. Alvernon in Tucson, AZ.  Their tiny little parking lot is just two turns after the Tucson Botanical Garden.  Check their website for hours etc. 



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