Monday, December 05, 2005

The Season Is Upon Us

T'was a glorious musical Christmas Weekend. We turned the lights on at 1101 as the picture shows and then spent three days immersed in Carols and good cheer. Friday began with the Monmouth College Chrismas Party at Cerar's Barnstormer restaurant. Kevin and Bernie did themselves proud as usual. On that evening to downtown Monmouth's Living Windows celebration and we spent three hours at the Buchanan Center welcoming over 300 guests who came to see the ballet dancers in the the window and the Liturgical Arts exhibition that is now on view. Saturday afternoon we headed to the Heritage Presbyterian Church for the Buchanan Chorus' annual Christmas concert. Home for a quick dinner as the snow filtered down and then out again for the Monmouth College Music Department's annual Christmas spectacular. Over 120 students on view in the combined choirs and musical ensembles. On Sunday we headed out of town for our muscial fix. Off to the Quad City Symphony for a delightful concert featuring Poulenc's Babar the Elephant and Elgar's The Wand of Youth. Sunday night had me back in Monmouth at the first dress rehearsal of A Chrismas Carol at the Monmouth College Theatre. More on that in the next entry.

We are really sorry that there is nothing to do in and around our little town.

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David said...

Lovely lights. Looks like the old pine tree is getting a little tall to put lights all the way to the top without a hook and ladder truck.