Monday, December 26, 2005

All Merried Out

Well here we are the day after Christmas. David helped install the new hard drive and pick up the splintered pieces of data. With his talent there was little data lost and some hard lessons learned. Although the backup was pretty good, it wasn't perfect and had not been done frequently enough. Warning to all. It can happen to you and it will never happen at an opportune time. Not quite sure how we would have coped without the IT guy from Minneapolis. It was a lovely day otherwise. The weather stayed bearable and the bearable Bears beat Bret and the Packers. Jan was not a happy camper. Jim felt bad for the Pack, but also was pleased that the Bears seem to finally have a quarterback.

We all piled out of bed early this morning and headed over to Cedar Rapids for another dose of Christmas. Lots of presents, more good eats, lots of Scrabble, and other games. We'll post a few pics when we get home tomorrow. S'all there is right now.

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