Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Winter touched us with a passion this morning as the mercury dipped to -7 below zero farenheit. But the heart was warm as son David in writing about the day that John Lennon died was kind enough to mention his dear old dad in his story. Check it out.

Finished a book by Martha Grimes titled Rainbow's End. Had not run into her work before. She is another American (like Elizabeth George) who writes detective novels with British settings and characters. The local color is lovely as we range from the Tate Gallery to the V&A as well as the Dirty Duck and shadowy banks of the Avon in Stratford. The main gumshoe is Chief Superintendent Richard Jury and he marches stoically through the book surrounded by a gallery of excentrics who provide both humor and assistance in the search for a possible killer of three seemingly unconnected women. The search takes Jury to America where we get a loving picture of Santa Fe and the surrounding area. I thought the side tracks got a bit too long on occasion, but I will sample at least one more of her efforts before giving up.

Shakespeare is in the news again. Seems as though the old boy never really goes out of fashion or at least the attempt to figure out the old boy's life doesn't go out of fashion. You can take a peak at the reviews of both volumes at the link. Press here

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