Friday, December 30, 2005

Museum of London Opens New Gallery

A new Medieval exhibition that features a lot of material excavated in the last twenty years at the museum has just opened. Read more.

The Museum of London has been one of our family's favorite places since 1972. At that time it was located in Kensington Palace somewhere around the spot that much later came to be the home of Princess Di. Our son David and daughter Amy used to love the old London Fire diorama and would stand through several repetitions of its little lights and sound effects. Though it is pretty low tech by today's standards, it was moved to the new location and as of a few years ago was still working its magic on today's youngsters.

There are a number of reasons why this museum should be on your list of London Must Sees--the main ones being that it is well arranged, full of fascinating exhibits from the pre-historic to the contemporary, and has one of the best gift shops and bookstores in the city. OHH DID I MENTION THAT ADMISSION IS FREE! That's an advantage that is not easy to come by in London. The first part of Walk 9 ("Doing Battle Around the Barbican") in my London Theatre Walks ends at the Museum of London because the museum contains several exhibits concentrating on the history of the theatre.

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