Sunday, January 02, 2011

What a Wonderful Christmas This Year!

Our Christmas season worked beautifully as we managed to hit all the marks inbetween snow storms.  We drove to Cedar Rapids in nice weather and saw the snow come down while we were there.  A beautiful scene from the patio captured the calm essence of a snow frost morning.   

We celebrated our grandson's birthday--not quite but almost a Christmas baby.

Then it was on to Christmas itself. 

Grandson two was really excited about the guitar that his uncle David brought him.   And grandpa loved his Chia Obama

Back home in nice weather and then the snow came down once more. 

But were snug inside and had a lovely Christmas day.  We opened more presents, got to know David's friend Lotta who traveled all the way from Finland over the holidays, and settled down to a great dinner.

 Our Minnesota guests headed back north on Sunday and made it back without problems.  Although there was more cold and blowing snow west and north of us we got  a warm spell midweek and rain that melted every last bit of the snow.  We are now looking at bare ground once more. 

New Year's day was quiet and subdued.  The last of the lights were taken down and the tree, which was one of our nicest in several years, is now sitting a bit forlornly on the curb waiting for the trash pickup next week.  We shall choose to remember it as it was.   

And Happy New Year from the guy behind the camera.  

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