Saturday, March 11, 2006

London's Theatre Museum May Close

I caught the article in the on-line edition of Stage. You can read more below.

This recalls the closing some years ago of the Museum of the Moving Image. There were hopes of re-location but nothing ever came of it. I realize the basement location of the Theatre Museum was not ideal, but recalling the minimal space and surroundings given to the collections when they were located at the V&A, one can only shudder at the prospects for the future. The Covent Garden walk (Part III) from my book has always culminated with a visit to the Museum. Alas if this goes through, the location will be just another mention of what used to be there in the 3rd edition. And I’ll surely miss the delightful Shakespeare tiles in the loos. I’ve always thought if I had the chance to redo our bathroom that I’d look into getting some of them.

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