Friday, December 09, 2005

Goodbye Old Friend

Goodbye! The old Routemaster hop-on hop-off red busses are moving rapidly toward their final runs. I know that they take two people to crew, are dangerous, and impossible for the handicapped, but they'll still be missed. Luckily they will apparently still run on some selected Heritage routes. Search them out.

The No. 9, pictured to the left was boarded almost daily by our family when we lived near Kensington High Street in the 1970's.

You could get almost anywhere worth going from Hammersmith to the Tower.


David said...

Aren't they selling some of them? You could buy one, have it shipped to Illinois, and tool around Monmouth in it. That'd sure be a nice retirement vehicle.

I'll always fondly remember riding the old ones, especially down Cromwell Road to the V&A on Saturday mornings, holding on the bar in the front of the upper deck and pretending to drive the bus. (Would you believe my parents let me ride the bus alone at the age of 8 in 1972?)

But I must say I'm already used to the new replacement buses, and the rides are a lot smoother. And really, I take the tube 97% of the time anyway.

DramaJim said...

Dad said, "I can't believe the riding a London bus alone at age 8 either, it was such a different age.