Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Aggregators" on the Move

The Aggregation Congregation

Got a note from my son today about the “aggregation” phenomenon. As the following article in his blog indicates, he thinks it is the wave of the future.
If you want to see an aggregator in action, you can also click here for the latest Monmouth news.

Ben Franklin House in London

There will be some updating to my London Theatre Walks book as a result of a Chicago Tribune story this morning. Walk No. 4 “Strolling the Strand” had mentioned that Franklin had lived at #36 Craven Street but the building seemed deserted. It has now just opened as a museum and will certainly get a fuller entry in the 3rd edition, even though Franklin did not have any major theatrical impact. For the full story you can check out the online edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Pain Produces Gain
William Shatner , actor of Star Trek fame, has just brought “stoned” to a new level by selling his kidney stone to a gambling casino oddity museum for $25,000. It will apparently reside with other memorable items like a half eaten cheese sandwich that seems to contain an image of the Virgin Mary.

If that isn’t enough for one day I don’t know what is!

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