Monday, January 02, 2006

Will Full Again

Two items linked by the Bard hit me today.

Last night on public TV an underadvertised special on Shakespeare showed us a first time director recruiting a multi-age and ethnic group of neophyte thespians from a north London suburb to produce Romeo and Juliet. The young director was given long distance assistance (and I assume financial support) from Baz Luhrmann glitzy director of his own rap and rock
R & J in 1996 that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes.

All the PBS web site gives you is: "My Shakespeare: 'Romeo and Juliet' with Baz Lurhman TV> MARC> Middle / High SchoolSunday, January 1, 20069:30 - 11:00 pmTwenty non-actors from Harlesden, a predominantly Afro-Caribbean area of London, stage a production of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." The raw experience of the novice actors revitalizes an ancient classic and the enduring message of the play has strikingly unexpected resonance with the cast. (CC, Stereo)" This former director, who worked with inexperienced actors for over forty years, found it engrossing and instructive. I believe it will be available on DVD shortly.

Amanda Mabillard’s Shakespeare site is a bit short on scholarship and long on advertising, but does have enough occasionally interesting tidbits to be worth a spot on your Favorites listing. This week’s issue focuses on the Shakespeare apocrypha and has a number of forward links that will enable you to get a handle on those maybe Shakespeare classics "Cardenio" or "Edward III". The photo that heads this entry is of the Shakespeare Memorial in Southwark Cathedral in London. For more information on it and other Shakespeare sites in London you can consult my London Theatre Walks.

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