Saturday, January 14, 2006

Old Python Spreads Too Much Gas

Here's one for the books. The London Times online reported today that Michael Palin, former Monty Python's Flying Circus cast member, has been accused of traveling too much. Because of his continuous globetrotting while making his popular travel documentaries he is creating more than his fair share of carbon dioxide byproducts while using various internal combustion vehicles from jetliners to dune buggies. Pointing to the uptick of interest in traveling to far off and exotic locales whenever one of his programs appears, Palin has also been criticized for encouraging hosts of others to travel as well, which compounds his nefarious impact on the world's environmental health.

It would appear that we now need to add travel and learning about other lands to the list of things formerly thought good that now appear to bad for us.

And that's the news today from Main Street in Monmouth where the folks stay home and love it.

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