Friday, February 07, 2020

Fifteen Years Blogging Anniversary

As I was finishing my comments on a play reading of Brian Friel's Molly Sweeney I noticed in my Blog history that I started writing on it in February of 2005. That makes this February my fifteen year anniversary as a blogger. Not a bad run.
It may also be noteworthy that the first entries were from a bitter cold day in Watertown, WI at the Ebenezer Moravian Church Cemetery where the funeral of my cousin Ronnie was taking place.
Both of my parents and a slew of my Kopp family relatives are buried there and one of the photos I took that day went on to win a prize in a later Buchanan Center of the Arts photography show. Here is that photo from 2005, titled "Vet Goes Home." It Is dedicated to Ronnie's wife Joyce and my cousin Pat who loved her brother and who I know still follows my facebook page. 

I think of these memories as I despair what Facebook and the blogosphere has often become in these times of vanity and vitriol. I for one would not object if they became once again the vehicle for sharing our lives with family and friends.

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