Friday, February 14, 2020

It's Heating Up in Sabino Canyon

It seems as though each day gives us a slightly different view of what is happening in nature all around us. The sunrise each morning always seems to have just a little different cast and it changes by the minute.  

As it gets higher the eastern sky clears and stronger rays find the northern  still cloudy peaks of the Santa Catalinas.

A definite first in the four years we have been looking out of our window each morning was a large  red tail hawk taking the early rays on the back condo fence.

We headed out to the canyon several times and caught a second sighting of our ground squirrel peeking out from his burrow.

 The rain early in the week left a lot of puddles on the trail.

They make for nice reflections of people

 and cactus

 The unusual water also attracted this white crowned sparrow for a drink and a bath.

As far as I could tell the Roadrunners stuck to the brush.

 And finally the most definite signs of a new year coming were with the tiny yellow flowers of the Fiddle-Neck. They are so new that they have not yet bent down to the curve that gives them their name. They are indeed small. the flower is around an eighth of an inch across. 

 Just a few more shots from the week past.  




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