Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cloudy wth a bit of Rain at Sabino

T'was a bit brisk in the Canyon this morning and the clouds were low and getting lower as the showers rolled in.

It was definitely Alfred Hitchcock weather as this flock of Cedar Waxwings and Bluebirds nestled in the branches.

oops there they go.

That just leaves us with a two woodpecker pole.
One new bird we saw was a juvenile cactus wren



And we did find some different flowers.  Here is a desert marigold or dogweed.

Silverbells  aka Jewel Flowers were impressive.

This is also pretty but it is an invasive species  Odona I think and the naturalists would like to purge it along with bufflo grass.

Evening primrose perhaps.

The Silverpuff

Down at the creek in the riparian area, the trees were reflected nicely in the water, but the wind was up and we were getting some more drizzle.  It was time to head back and get a cup of java at Brewd, our favorite coffeeshop.



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