Friday, February 27, 2015

Today's Catch in Sabino Canyon

It was another glorious Arizona morning; just a bit cool early, but warming rapidly up to a comfy temperature.  We were barely on the trail when I spotted this Desert Cottontail.

Up in the air it definitely was nest building time.  You need to enlarge this a bit to see that one of this pair of what we think are sparrows of some kind has a snoot full of grass.

This Verdin has a long twig or stem in her beak.
Daddy was just singing. 

A Mockingbird as usual was making a loudmouth of himself. 
The female phanopepla is actually more striking than the all black males. 

As the air warmed the butterflies began to emerge. The Texan Crescents are everywhere.

This may be a Funereal Duskywing

We may have a Desert Marble here.


And this fellow is a mystery. Our butterfly chart doesn't have anyone shaped quite like him. Maybe a small Queen.

 Talk about mysteries.  This one is going to take some more work as well, but she is pretty. Jan thinks it may be a Pyrrhuloxia

Time to leave. The weekend crowds are starting to gather and we may not be back until Monday.





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