Friday, February 20, 2015

Gosh Another Fine Day

Sabino Canyon looked gorgeous as usual this morning. 

We walked by ourselves instead of with a group and found some new (to us) items.   Word of caution here is that most of our identifications are the work of amateurs  (i.e. my wife and me.)  We  try to confirm them sooner or later with one of the naturalist volunteers, who do know what they are doing.
So here is a butterfly that we think is a Bordered Patch based on our little Butterflies of Southeast Arizona cheat sheet.

Not a great picture below but we think it is a Dainty Sulphur. There are a lot of varieties of yellows so we may be mistaken.
This one could be the more common Queen, but the markings might also indicate something like a Texas Crescent.  A clearer shot would help.p
On to the flowers where we have one mystery bloom. 

and a lovely Blue Dick that we are pretty sure of.

The tiny Cryptantha or popcorn flower kind of explodes out of its bud

and definitely looks like popcorn when you see them in a clump like below.
 Our guess is that there will be more of these nice Desert Zinnias in the coming weeks

Taking leave with some nice clouds or possibly just contrails.


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