Monday, February 23, 2015

Found some more new flowers at Sabino

We did a turn on the Lake Trail today and found that it had some new items that we had not seen before. As the number of buddings increase so do the number of plants and flowers that defy our meager horticultural skills.  Some of our matches were assisted by an excellent web site on South Eastern Arizona Wildflowers. AZ Wildflowers

Let's start with a few that we have been able to find similar pictures of and therefore may have gotten right.

Mustard Evening Primrose
Arizona Foldwing

Dandelion  (Desert Variety)


Desert Wishbone Bush


Desert Chicory

A Hop Bush but not beer hops

Desert Marigold

Wild Heliotrope or Scorpionweed

Mexican Gold Poppy

Desert Lupin

A mystery right now--could be a bud that has not opened.

Also not sure what these berries are


Still searching for this one
It isn't all flowers.  Below is a gorgeous Black Throated Sparrow on top of a leafing out Ocotillo.

Black Throated Sparrow

We think this is a Bordered Patch
 We continue to find our walks in the desert to be great for our physical well being as well as a great challenge in looking at and responding to our natural environment.

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