Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Birds at Sabino

Well here we are again ready to start our morning walk at Sabino Canyon.

It didn't take long before we ran into this fellow, which after a long look in our bird book,  we decided was a juvenile Cactus Wren.


Not too much further along the trail we spied a very nice female Pheinopepla

The male is pretty much all black as the picture below illustrates.

Not too much later we were treated to a pair of House Finches.  Here's the female.

And here's the male.

We didn't see any entirely new flowers today, but I did like the light on this Brittlebush bloom.

Nature is full of variety and certainly not all Saguaros are perfect.  Anybody for the twist?

That's all for today's trail sightings.

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